Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Diabetic Parenting

Shortly after my daughter was diagnosed with Diabetes, I found myself scared to death for anyone to think I couldn’t handle taking care of my daughter’s needs. It was scary enough thinking that I had this huge medical responsibility along with raising her, and then to be fearful someone would question if I were competent to do the job was at times too overwhelming. I mean when your child is healthy normally you go through struggles and thoughts of, “Can I really do this?”, “Am I really qualified to be a parent?” Seriously, I really could have used some support and understanding during that time. Even if it was just hey, I’m there with ya and you’re gonna make it through the day today and that’s all that matters right now. Truly, when you’re having “bad number days” and you’re trying to get things under control again, today really is all that matters. I want to be a support for parents of diabetic children. The time they are at home with you is crucial. It’s when they learn how far they can push this health issue along with how far they can push you as well. After all they’re still just kids. Join me as I create a community of support and confidentiality to share thoughts and be coached so no one is alone with this new family member called diabetes. Email me: and you will receive some free helpful information and support. Let’s do this together!