Thursday, December 3, 2015

My heart is so saddened over the loss of lives in California. There are many questions floating around about why did this happen, why didn't God answer, more gun control is needed, and we're not at war why is this happening. I have reached a point where I really believe we have lost our focus in America. We must speak out! First of all, God has removed some of the hedge of protection that has been around America - plain and simple. When you turn your back on Jesus, cut Him out of every part of your life and culture, He will pull back from you. When He pulls back, you will suffer - innocent and evil. Evil doesn't care if it dies and is emboldened when it takes innocent lives with it. Why didn't God answer? I believe He did. WE left Him and He pulled back. Gun control has to be the biggest joke of all time! The only purpose of de-arming your people is to create control over them. If you're afraid of the people your leading owning fire arms and protecting themselves and their country, you're in the wrong business- leadership, belief of freedom, country. If I'm leading, I want every person I'm leading to be armed, educated, and free to make decisions. That is a big part of America's greatness and freedom! We are not at war???? Really! You don't have to declare war to be at war! War has been waged against us! We! Americans! A religion, Islamic- radicalism, has attacked us and will not stop until we are simulated or dead. When we are allowed to let truth triumph and bring to light good instead of evil, we will again restore some of our greatness, security, and freedoms. Truth is the only way to survival. Wiggy